Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thirft Store Hunting

Since I finally got a tax refund this year for the first time in years, I decided to head to my favorite thrift store and see what I might find. I love the hunt, and my first stop is the Goodwill. I found this beautiful pitcher for $8.

Isn't it pretty...I believe it's old cause the bottom has lots of scratch marks! It is going to be perfect for my Spring flowers! I can't wait to finish my pantry so I will have a place to put it.

I am still deciding what my new kitchen will look like. When I moved in, it was painted three different very odd colors. Here are my inspiration photos...maybe it will end up like one of these....

Rustic Italian

or Cottage White

I haven't decided.



prof en retraite said...

I love your "new" pitcher! As for the kitchen...I can't decide either! Both are pretty!!..Debbie

Dream Mom said...

I vote for the white one! Both are pretty but I love white. Great find on the new pitcher.


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