Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tiffany Turquoise

Did you know that the world famous Tiffany Blue box was inspired by a little road outside Albuquerque locally known as the "turquiose trail"?

The way we hear the story around here, is that a jeweler from Tiffany's came from New York City and purchased a "load" or supply of turquise from a mine outside Albuquerque.  So inspired were the powers that be, at Tiffany, they adapted the color to market the company.  

Today, millions everywhere know what that turquoise box means...something beautiful is inside.  I Have visited the New York City Tiffany's twice, and bought a beautiful memento each time.  

The turquoise color is also associated with home.  The color dictates general design in this state, and it always says Spring to me.   Turquoise always seems to be in's just so CRISP!

There are so many great examples of great kitchen vintage...I have to include...they are just too yummy.

Pyrex Bowls...vintage 50s.

Fiesta ceramic pitcher...straight from the 40s.

Plastic canisters from the early 60s.

Classic Appliances from another era.

And last but not least, a Kitchen Aid mixer...still available today in this great color!

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