Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Strawberry Time

I am working on my pantry today, but took a moment to eat some strawberries, great at this time of year.

Right now you can find them in the stores for $1 a pint...picked at perfection. Look how beautiful they are...I love eating them with sprinkled with sugar (Splenda)...or with cream in a beautiful bowl!

I'm a chocolate lover, so I have to have a few (Ok more than a few) dipped in Ghirardelli chocolate.

In an effort to make strawberry eating easier and quicker...I am considering buying this slicer from ebay. It's $6 plus shipping!

Vintage silver...vintage glass...vintage linen... and fresh berries on my patio. I couldn't ask for a better break!

Well..I'm back to the pantry organizing. Til next time...


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