Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I have an armoire that is dark wood and I am thinking about painting and turning into my vintage linen closet. What about putting it in my white bedroom with the newly painted shabby daybed? How would that look?

Get a load of the mustard yellow paint my new house has on the walls of the living room. I can't wait to paint that too!!!

Here is a photo of my inspiration look:

Here is a white one with crystal knobs and embellished doors from one of my favorite web sites the Bella Cottage.

I love this photo because it even has the linens in there to show you how it would look. Unfortunately...this item is $1400...vs mine which I already have. YES...more savings!

I can't wait to see how to the room turns out. I am spending today getting my table together for Tablescape Thursday! I will post the photos later today!



DawnB said...

I have a very similar cabinet and I've mulling this same idea around in my imagination. It would be my first project like this so I'm somewhat intimidated. I'm anxious to see how yours turns out. I've even contemplated putting glass in to the wooden panels but after seeing your plans for a white cabinet then just painting it may suffice. I'll be checking out the end results for inspiration.

Jessica said...

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