Sunday, April 19, 2009

White Shabby Chic Bedroom.


Photo credit: Ashley-Home Decor

H & G Magazine

So cool, so calm! Many times over the years I have had a white room in my home, then I'm easily led by whatever is in the magazines or the decorating section at Target and I change it.

Photo credit: Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Bed

Eventually, I find myself craving the cool quite comfort of a white room again. Well I am back there again, craving a "shabby chic" white guest bedroom. Since, I am always trying to do everything on a budget after years of paying tuition, I'm thrift store bound! I really love the hunt of searching for a great deal!

Photo credit: Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Sofa

I have a beautiful daybed and I have painted it white, now I just have to find the right linens. Here is a picture of it when it was brown and I was into the color "aubergine" in my last home.

Now I am hunting for furniture pieces and can paint. Here are my inspiration pictures. Can't you just smell the ironed cotton. By the way...I love my ironing board, but that's another post.

Photo credit: Ashley-Home Decor

Let's see how the bedroom turns out. I am already planning my first guest menu just so I can serve it on a tray.

I'll publish the pictures and soon I start that room.



Anonymous said...

Sheesh! I thought the pictures above were of the finished room...and I thought I was a busy little bee. :)

I just know your shabby chic room will be beautiful, all of your decorating ideas always are. I'll have to share my guest room ideas with you soon.... of course... by the time I actually have a guest room the look I'm going for may be out of style.

The American Homemaker said...

I've always wanted a white dining room :) Someday when I have a formal dining room then my dreams will come true.


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