Sunday, April 5, 2009

All About Albuquerque or A-A-A

I have just started my blog, and I have already been e-mailed about the city I live in, better know as Albuquerque. It is smack dab in the middle to the state along the historic route 66 that crosses the USA.

Albuquerque is very famous for our International Balloon Fiesta, where 500 ballonists from around the world descend on our high altitude city to fly. I usually see a couple of balloons daily. Here is how it looks around here every October when they are all here.

Every Christmas eve...people come from all over to see the luminarias in "Old Town" where you will see hundreds of candles in paper sacks. At Christmas time I will give the recipe in case you want to set these up in your hometown.

We are also famous for having a very close neighbor to the North that atracts alot of visitors and lovers of art and that is Santa Fe.

Yes we have real life cowboys...the wild west actually happened here...but that was a long time ago!

You can see Albuquerque in the movies....Hollywood build a huge studio here and starting filming. Breaking Bad on AMC is shot here, Transformers was also shot here and the last Indiana Jones move was shot down the road. But we are most famous for High School Musical One, Two & Three...all set and shot in Albuquerque.

It seems alot of people are moving here, so I guess that's a good thing!


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