Thursday, April 2, 2009

Glorified Pantry

I have a spare room in my house that is supposed to be an's about 10 x 12. I have decided to turn it into a butler's pantry. I am going to line it with shelves to store all my dishes and glasses, and things are that too large to store easily. You know, crock pots, vases, cookie jars and things you only use once and a while. We all have some of those. It's a bold move, I know. A whole room as a pantry, the way people do with closets when they have too much clothing. I really have no choice. Have you ever noticed that in regular kitchen cabinets, the stuff gets all squirreled away in the corners, never to be seen again. Sometimes I actually have to go buy something I know is in there some where...but where? When I moved to this house, I found lots of I figure making a whole room a pantry is actually saving me money.

I already have 1 wood shelf, all I need is a second one, and the wood to make the shelves that will go between the 2 units, creating my own pantry unit. I bought the first one at the unpainted furniture store, so you have to it assemble yourself.

Here is a photo of my inspiration room!


1 comment:

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

I totally love this room, too! How's your pantry coming along? I would LOVE a butler's pantry!


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