Sunday, September 19, 2010

Collecting Pyrex

I have several pieces of Pyrex for sale in my ebay store...It all started with a 3 piece blue bowl set that was a wedding gift in 1984.  I loved the set so much, I never used it.  NOT ONCE!    It was in the box for several years, then moved across the country, and now, they are back home in the Rockies, sitting in my pantry.

When I tried to add to my bowl collection, I only found the same color and style over and over.  It seems that Albuquerque did not have a lot of stores in the 50s...JC Penney & what you find are the 2 or 3 colors they carried.    Even newer colors are hard to find here.

Courtesy : Pyrex Museum

I thought it must be the same across the I started listing what I found hoping someone need pieces I found here to finish their collections.  If I had the space, I would keep adding, but I leave that to the collectors with basements. My next post will be 10 reasons I wish I had one.

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ruben said...

I love your pictures...I like all the glass!


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