Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Style to Decorate My Home?

The project that drove to start a blog, was the decoration of my new home. Every time I have moved, I've tried a new decor style. It's a great time to change things up. But for some reason, I'm stuck.

Right now, I am torn between my favorite 2 styles of the moment. White Cottage-Shabby Chic-Vintage French - or - Tuscan Mediterranean. French Country???? I believe I am going to be in this house for a while so it is a little more permanent, than places I knew I was leaving soon.

My very good-natured husband Ed, said when he married me, knowing how much I liked to decorate, that I could do whatever I wanted. He has stuck to that, and usually supports my going whim. The only time he complains is when I have too many things in the garage waiting to get painted, especially if they are in his way.

I think I am stuck because my co-decorators are 2 cats and a beagle
(the cats are seen here on a rare excursion outside, just so I could take their picture).




They each have their own ideas. The 2 cats want something high to climb, and the dog wants something squishy to sleep on. And, all three vetoed the white sofa idea.

Anyway, I would like to get started, and I know I would like to paint the cabinets. These pictures kind of say I can combine both styles... I'm going to think about it over the weekend. The Roosters are thinking about it too.

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prof en retraite said...

You know I understand about having to consider the pets when decorating! My white sofa idea was nixed from day one! I'm the wrong one to ask...French country all the way for me!! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend...Debbie

marty39 said...

Oh my I love both choices. I think I would do a mix of both. How fun to be able to try a new style. I love the thought of mixing things up. I can't wait to see what you do. Hugs, Marty

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Both styles in these photos are striking, but I love the first photo best. It makes me gasp it's so gorgeous. But that's just my preference.

Patrice Walker said...

Well, I personally would go with Tuscany flair. The rich earthy tones... My entire home is Tuscan, My company is a Tuscan Home decorating and design inspired-- I wouldn't ever consider another style.


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