Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mix and Match Flatware

When I was a young bride I didn't have much money so I mixed and matched my silver flatware out of necessity. Well this week I received a catalog from a friend that included actual vintage flatware. I thought I had invented the idea!

I realize now that a lot of people are doing it! It's become very fashionable, especially if it has a monogram! I imagine other companies are offering vintage flatware too!

I am always on the hunt for flatware...old and vintage are best.  Rogers 1847 Vintage is my absolute favorite.  I scream when I find some!!!

 Sometimes the scruffiest pieces are my favorites.   I try to leave the pristine ones for my ebay store.  

Here is a picture of my mix and match flatware! 

I guess GOOD ideas are always GOOD ideas! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have a great Week!



Blondie's Journal said...


I get this catalog as well. Their silver is nice to add to your mixed collection if you are missing for example, 4 spoons. I want to get the bread knives since I don't have any for my mixed set.

The owner has a cooking show on HG TV. (he's cute!!)

Good for you for starting this trend! Now you have catalogs copying you!! ;-)


Mrs. Petrie said...

Don't you love when you've been doing something inexpensively and some retailer does it for big bucks! I like your flatware better! :)

Brenda said...

I so want to do this! So tired of trying to match and then one falls down the disposal. Oops! Nicked and cut. Rubs against your tongue and "ouch." Don't know we didn't all figure this chic thing out before!

Martha said...

Oh, for so much less you can get odd pieces of flatware in flea markets and antique stores.

But it is nice to know that not being matchy matchy is not only acceptable it is the thing to do!


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