Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Store Bargains

I worked for a department store (the Broadway/May Co) while I was going to school back in the day, in the china and housewares department. I spent 3 years there, and I learned how to set a table and also not to pay full-retail. Anything you see in my posts has definitely been purchased at clearance prices or at a thrift store, garage sale, etc.

I got this little silver pitcher at the Goodwill...for 2.99 and the spoon actually has my initial on it.

I used to love Kirkland's because on Wednesdays the scratch and dent section was 1/2 price. Due to the economy, like many other places they have closed the stores here. I got this miniature chair there for 8.00. I wish they were still in town.

I always use my 40% off coupon at Michael's and I always visit the mark-down isle at Hobby Lobby.

We have some great church thrift stores and of course the Goodwill. I really find my best deals there like this cut pink tray...

Oh my gosh, I may not be spending a lot of money but I have got so much stuff. I think I might need a bargain psychiatrist...where is Lucy when you need her!


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