Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Finally Warm Again

I've decided to start working on my garden and patio. I can't wait for my seeds to be transplanted...but in the mean time I'm having some lemonade in my Italian glass server.

I still have lots of strawberries, so I added some of those...

I hung a garden planter and am heading to the garden center to fill it with some colorful trailing plants.

I purchased a set of 2 of these at an estate sale for $25...I'm going to paint these white. I'll probably paint the wall hanger too. It looks like it is the same color as the cinder-block wall...doesn't it?

This is my white inspiration planter...hopefully it will look like this when it's DONE!

Everyone thinks I have a green thumb...but here's the secret for container gardening...revealed for the first time. I add water absorbing crystals to the soil to help with the sun's dehydration at this high altitude. I can't garden without it, and it's why my pots look healthy.

They absorbe a huge amount of water and release it when needed. These are sold around the rest of the country as a way to water when you are on vacation and can't water. I've tried that too, and it works really well.

Well...I'm off to finish the lemonade, and paint the urns...I'll post the pictures when I'm done!


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