Saturday, April 25, 2009

Historic Albuquerque Homes

Albuquerque is famous for it's mix of architecture. My favorite are the historic homes in our "Old Town" district. They were built long before it became fashionable here to copy the Taos Pueblo historic look.

This is our most famous house with an acre of lawn and tons of tulips out front. I'm sure they have a gardener.

You see a lot of Mediterranean style architecture from the turn of the century...the tile roof is very common.

This house has grass...the city here actually pays you to get rid of it to save water. It's $700 so a lot of people do it.

Isn't this a cute little cottage. I know how I'd decorate that one! Bring on the white paint.

I've always loved this house because it was so different, and recently they renovated it. I think it was the most deserving little house.

Here is another little actually has white wicker furniture on the porch!

And this brick beauty was built in 1880...doesn't it still look good! This photo does not do it justice.

Just for reference most modern pueblo houses here look like this...

No color...It is something I got used to and appreciated it's beauty.

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marty39 said...

I love the look of all the historic homes. Too bad that most of that wonderful architecture has not continued. The pueblo style looks just like Phoenix,and it is too bad. I would love one of the old ones. Hugs, Marty

Mrs. Petrie said...

Whenever I drive along Central or go to the Zoo, I see buildings that would be so incredible if they were renovated. I love the AHS lofts downtown.


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