Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Arrival Of The Long Stemmed Roses!

If you are looking to grow your own roses for a wedding, or similar event, if you plan ahead you can grow a huge bouquet of long stemmed roses. Prune your rose to about 14- 16 inches in the early spring before the leaves sprout, it will force the plant to "grow" and put out more roses and longer stems.

Here is a picture of what the rose looked like before the buds appeared.

Here is a picture after...you can see how long the stems have grown.

I have done this trick with many different rose bushes and it always works. The rose should be well established, over 2 years old. This bush has 122 buds, which is a lot for a tea rose. If you do a floribunda, you will get tons of clusters. This rose at bloom time was 55" high, so it grew from 16 to 55. If you don't prune that drastically you will get half the buds and half the growth. People who have seen me prune this way, think I am killing the rose, but trust me, it works.

If want the stems to be extra sturdy, feed them organically during the growing season with chopped up banana peels, coffee grounds and fine crushed egg shells.

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Martha said...

I'll have to try that -- I don't baby my roses enough.


Brenda said...

Thanks for telling us what to put on the roses organically. I have to watch what I fertilize with due to the two Yorkies. I'm also glad to see I'm not the only one vastly pruning plants. My neighbor thinks I prune too far back. I think she doesn't prune back enough. Different strokes for different folks, I guess!

Blondie's Journal said...

Hi Liz!

Your advice will not be wasted~there are a lot of rose lovers out there. I can't count myself among them because I just do not get enough sun in my yard. But I can admire my neighbors!!

Have a wonderful week. I love your yellow tea roses! :-)


DawnB said...

Gorgeous roses!! My friend said he prunes his roses back so much that it's embarrassing ... but when the blooms come out he's pretty proud.

movingonlady said...

Thank you for the information. I will make good use of this. I love roses and I have 3 rose. 1 is a yellow tea rose bush, 1 is a pink old bush it is
27 years old and blooms every year.
And I just bought hot pink knock out roses.
Thanks again


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